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Revive the committees!

Revive the committees!

SFHR has over the years ran various committees and clubs. These committees have been mostly inactive for the last few years due to lack of participation, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t helped. The new board of SFHR wants to revive these committees and clubs and calls for interested students to participate.

If you’re interested in reviving any of these committees and clubs you can contact either or

The inactive committees are as follows:

Birta: association of students in RU about social responsibility and sustainability

Association for equality

Charity committee

Debate/speaking club

Pubquiz club

More info on each committee can be found on each committee’s club under the Committees and clubs tab on this website.

Students are also needed on the editorial board of the student paper. We’re hopeful that students will be interested in this, since the student paper hasn’t come out for a while.

The university paper Háskólablaðið HR is a student speaker at Reykjavík University, which is published once a year. The editorial board has ambitious ideas and focuses on student topics at the school. It is important that the student’s voice is heard in the newspaper.

Here you can find a few old copies :



It’s finally time for the SARU camping trip, it will be held on the 28th of August in Þórisstaðir!
There will be 200 tickets available,
– Registration starts at 12:00 on Tuesday.
– The ticket is 2,000 ISK.
– No one can enter the area unless they have registered and paid! If someone shows up without registering, they will be asked to leave immediately.
– Miller, Kopparberg and Hot and sweet for everyone while it lasts!!!
– Pizza from Dominos for dinner!
– Flonky tournament (registration for that later).
– We will all help each other to keep the area clean.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship committee

Innovation and Entrepreneurship committee

Dear students,

Student Association at Reykjavik University is looking for applicants for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship committee. Apply at with your resume and an introduction letter, max 400 words. Applications must be sent in by friday, June 17th.

Participation in the committee is a unique opportunity to get insights into the startup scene in Iceland and learn how to start your own company. Plenty of valuable networking opportunities and hands-on experience of event- and project management.

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The committee works closely with Icelandic Startups, a non-profit organization which is the largest private supporter of entrepreneurs and startups in Iceland. The committee gets an opportunity to participate in the execution of Icelandic Startups’ various projects.

The goal of this committee is to increase innovation and entrepreneurship within the University. Among the committee’s projects are Gulleggið (Golden Egg business plan competition), startup-meetups, attending conferences and association with other Nordic universities.

Further information about Icelandic Startups can be found here:

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact: /

Looking forward to hearing from you.