Stúdentafélag Háskólans í Reykjavík (SFHR) is the student association at Reykjavik University. All students, including undergraduate and graduate students are members of SFHR. SFHR was established to form a unity between students and to represent and act in the interests of the students both within and outside the University. SFHR´s board of trustees is composed of three to five members.

The student body elects the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President and Financial Director each spring, who serve a term of one year. The student government provides the University with restraints in terms of the quality of teaching and facilities that are available to students. SFHR is in good contact with the University´s administrators and is often called upon regarding the resolution of various issues within the University.

Each department within the University has its own student union that protects the interests of their members. The chairmen of each union has a seat in the executive board along with SFHR´s board of trustees, and thus have an influence on the policy and projects of the Student Government. SFHR has created an academic and extra-curricular environment benefitting students through its programs and works to sustain and improve them each year.

For further information regarding SFHR please send us an email to, studentafelag(at) You can also stop by our office at the 2. floor Mars (M205).