What is SFHR?

Stúdentafélag Háskólans í Reykjavík (SFHR) is the Student Association at Reykjavik University. All students, including undergraduate and graduate students, are automatically members of SFHR and do not pay fees for their membership. SFHR was established to form a unity between students and to represent and act in the interests of the students both within and outside the University. If you have any questions you can always send us an email, studentafelag@studentafelag.is, you can visit our office, Mars 2.floor at Reykjavík University (M205) or you can contact us through our Facebook page (under the name Stúdentafélag Háskólans í Reykjavík).

Contact us

Feel free to contact if there are any questions. You can send us an email at studentafelag@ru.is or send us a message using the chat button below on the right!

SFHR office

You can always stop by for a chat, our office is on the 2nd floor in M205