Atlas is the student union for Sport science students at RU. The union throws many events over the school year, including Gullboltanum (The Gold ball) which is a competition in various sports between 1.year, 2.year and 3.year students, trip to Laugarvatn where we compete against UÍ (University of Iceland) in various sports, company trips and many more. If you are interested in knowing more about Atlas than you can contact them through Facebook under the name Atlas Atlasson.


Lögrétta is the student union for Law students in RU. The purpose of the organization is to protect the interests and welfare of Law students at the university. The goal is to strengthen the academic work in the field of law both within the legal department and outside.

Lögrétta publishes a magazine every semester, and it is a collaboration between law students and teachers at the law department at RU. Lögfróður is a legal service that law students on their 3-5th year give to whoever is interested in getting free legal advice. The service is open on Wednesdays at 5:00 – 8:00 PM at the main entrance in RU.

The organization has great social activities with many diverse events and that gets students to look up from their books occasionally. For example a cocktail night for new students, a lobster festival, New Year party and regularly cocktails at law firms and companies. There are also open debate on legal issues that are high on the agenda, coffee house nights where lawyers come and speak about themselves and their work within the law, speech workshop and speech competitions.

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The main goal of Markaðsráð, student union of business management students at RU, is to represent students and ensure the aptitude of business management students. Our role is to take part in the schools internal proceedings and contribute to the evolution of the business management department. Our goal is to ensure that every student in the business management department enjoys themselves at the University of Reykjavík and that they have a fulfilling social life. 


Mentes is the student union of psychology students at RU. Mentes holds a variety of events each year for example the annual festival, the Sálfræðileikar or psychology games between UÍ and RU as well as many other events. The psychology department is small and therefore it is easy to meet students within the department by participating in the social life. If you want to know more about Mentes you can contact us on Facebook at Mentes Nemendafélag.


Pragma is the student union of science and engineering students at Reykjavík University. The union is one of the largest and most active in RU and holds company trips most fridays, career nights with people from the industry, Pragmas annual festival and many other fun events. If you are interested in joining Pragma or just want more information about us, you can contact us on Facebook under Pragma Pragmason and we will be very happy to have you with us!


Tvíund is the student union of those studying computer science at Reykjavík University. The union is one of the largest and most active in RU and has events each week, both entertaining and enlightening. Prominent events are for example the annual festival, entrepreneur lunches and a competition against the University of Iceland’s computer science department in various events. If this has peeked your interest please contact us on Facebook under Tvíund or send an email to!